My name is Cody Litman
I am a Toronto-based Graphic Designer and Illustrator with years of experience under my belt.
While my university education was an undergraduate and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University, Art and Design have been my  fervent passion since I was young.
After graduating from Queen's, I went on to receive a certificate of Graphic Design and Visual Communication Skills through continuing education at OCAD.
Since then, I have poured my heart into projects ranging from branding initiatives to designs for merchandise.
I'm excited to see what creative endeavours lie in my future, and would love to work with you on bringing your vision to life.
Bachelor's of Applied Science (Mechanical Engineering), Queen's University, May 2016
Masters of Engineering (Biomechanical Engineering), Queen's University, May 2018
Graphic Design and Visual Communication Skills Certificate, Continuing Studies, OCAD University, May 2020
Software Proficiencies: 
● Adobe Photoshop
● Adobe Illustrator
● Adobe inDesign
● Adobe XD
● Procreate
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